Curator Dr Alka Pande says, “Aiyana is a self-taught artist who took up the calligraphy pen and explored it in its myriad manifestations. She has taken calligraphy to the level of fine art and created a body of work which is deeply spiritual, secular and inward-looking. Her works speak the language of a meditative silence and move along the contours of her personal space. The title of the show The Moving Finger is inspired by Omar Khayyam’s poem Rubaiyat and captures the essence of Aiyana’s highly introspective work.”

Born in Allahabad, 1970. Aiyana is a self-taught artist.  Creative instincts in Aiyana were nurtured in a culturally-rich family environment.  The guidance of her gurus— Shobha Broota in painting, Anis Siddiqui in calligraphy and Subrata De in Sitar-Indian Classical Music, has groomed her personality with multifarious traits.   Her deep interest in philosophy and spirituality fuels her creativity. Aiyana has participated in several international exhibitions in India and abroad.

Aiyana started her corporate career in the field of Strategic Planning with advertising biggies like O&M and HTA/JWT, reached even higher to become the Head of Planning at companies like Mudra and Dentsu and then went on to pioneer the concept of Semiotics in India. “I ventured to explore new avenues beyond a salaried job. Semiotics is all about decoding the visual cultural landscape – how culture subconsciously impacts the consumer behavior and attitude. Semiotics has always inspired me and I am working on several international projects.”

Aiyana Gunjan explores the deeper perspective of life through her creative art work. Speaking of her art, Aiyana has taken the ancient traditional form of calligraphy into the universal language of contemporary art of abstraction. She uses verses and lines from various religious scriptures in her paintings but uses the finesse and precision of calligraphy to give them a distinct flavor. “When you face death, the world of forms dissolves. This took me to a world beyond the forms and boundaries…into abstraction.”

She has earlier participated in some prominent group shows where the response to her controlled, flowing, meditative lines created using a calligraphic pen earned her great acclaim. “I paint, not to decorate walls, but to break the walls within. My creative journey is an expression of the spiritual growth. I expressed that in my paintings – the depth, the dimension, the perspectives of life within.”

2008: 5th India-Korea International Contemporary Art Exchange workshop in Khajuraoh; Exhibition at Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi

2012: One Asia International Calligraphy Exhibition‘Ek Sutra’ India International Centre, New Delhi/

2012: Korea-India- Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition,AW Convention Centre,Seoul, Korea

2013:  The Spirit of Forms, an indo-korea connect at Korean Cultural Centre, Dhoomimal Art Centre

2013: Resonance of the Spirit at Gallery Hanbyeokwon,Seoul, S.Korea

2013: 8th Korea-India Contemporary Art Exchange Camp, Ghanghwa Peace Village, South Korea

2014:  Sangam,  a confluence of color, form and sound’- Arpana Caur Gallery, New Delhi

2015: Beyond the Borders – International art exchange workshop at Jaipur; Exbihibion at Korean Cultural Centre, Art Konsult, New Delhi

2015: The Moving Finger– Debut Solo Show, curated by Dr. Alka Pande, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

2015:  The Moving Finger – Oasis Festival, BITS Pilani

2016: The Moving Finger–  Solo Show, curated by Dr. Alka Pande, Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Auroville International Township, Tamil Nadu

2016: The Moving Finger–  Solo Show, curated by Dr. Alka Pande, Maison Columbani, Alliance Francaise, Pondicherry

2016. The Emergence – Commissioned work for  India Habitat Centre. In Public Art Collection.

2011  The Lexicon Collection, Book on 101 Contemporary Indian Artists, 2011, Divesh Nath, Delhi Press.

2012 Tears of the Dancing Letters’ – documentary  film on Calligraphy,  Sarvesh Hada

2016:  Cover story, Gnostic Centre Journal


2014: Conducted  calligraphy  workshops with Zorba the Buddha, The Gnostic Centre, Tattva Festival

2013: Designed the book on Shobha Broota’s art ‘ Vesture of Being‘, by Padma Shri Keshav Malik.

2006: Collaborated to create the thematic sitar album by Subrata De- ‘Ganga,the journey called life’ launched by Saregama (HMV)

2008: Conducted various  creative workshops with  Hope India Project, Art1st, NAB India 2008.

2004: Part of FLO (FICCI wing) delegation to Edinburgh International Festival of Art and Culture, Scotland

Member of Academy of Visual Media and FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO)

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