I paint not to decorate walls but to break the walls within.

A life changing experience brought me closer to the depth and expanse of life beyond the limits of the logical mind. It awakened me to my creative soul. It’s my spiritual training rather than an art degree that has empowered me as an artist. My work is an act of surrendering to the intuitive flow of life, where the mind is the humble servant. This is my intimate dialogue with the Supreme Creator.

“It takes a lot of discipline to be able to do everything that you are passionate about,” says Aiyana, also a trained Sitar player. “While my corporate life was high on action, my art is like a meditative process.”

Artist at Work

Fine art, is truly the art that makes me feel so fine within. When I sit in front of my canvas, I’m not making a painting, I simply paint…going with the flow…stroke by stroke. And I want no one in that process. Calligraphy is truly ME! I love the flow, the dynamism, the beauty, the statement of each stroke. My pen is my brush,the oblique cut nib, And I love the way watercolour fits it.There is so much just in one stroke. I salute and celebrate the eternity, infinity and unity in a Single Moment of Life. My art has centers me in Now-Here or else I am nowhere.

In death, I found art.  And in art, i found life.

Aiyana Gunjan

Autumn 2015