“Aiyana Gunjan’s art is the expression of her desire to discover her own self”.

In the process of creativity she follows her own heart One can sense this flow through the movement and rhythm in whatever she does. She has incorporated all other parallel disciplines she has been practising along with her art. Her interest in music, calligraphy, design, prose and poetry has enriched her and is reflected in her art.

For Aiyana her art has been a necessity, a compulsion of the soul. It is a discipline which is so therapeutic yet spiritual. This discipline gives her joy which is core of her well being. Her dedication and aspiration for understanding all arts has developed her own perception, intense passion and untiring capacity to work with love and devotion.

My best wishes for her success for this exhibition and many more to come in the future.

– Shobha Broota

Artist/ Educationist



I started teaching calligraphy art since 1980’s so that the interested students may be able to learn and enjoy calligraphy in any language- as per their mental capabilities. Many of students caught between job and enjoyment would fall out of the class. In today’s fast paced life, there are few students who are willing to participate in the race of learning. Amongst these few students, one such learner is Aiyana Gunjan

About 10 years ago, she after a long search, found my mobile number and contacted me. And from that point, started a new story of calligraphy…dipping of the bamboo/ reed pen in ink, looking at the paper, understanding, reading, practicing…Aiyana Gunjan was so deeply involved in It that she had no time to look beyond. She kept learning, understanding the rules, regulation, the strict discipline of dots, elements, size and measurements.

The best quality of Aiyana Gunjan is that she follows and practices everything that I taught her. With keen interest, she understands every aspect and has the zeal to move forward in life. With sincerity she would complete the homework given to her, and then only call her Guru for the next class. Thanks to her hard work, passion and dedication, she has reached this point. Using calligraphy pen, paper and colors she has created many eye-catching work –“inhone poori garima ke saath phool aur phal prastut karke muhje anmol khushi di hai.” It gives me deep happiness and I give her my blessings on her first Solo Show.

– Anis Siddiqui

Indian Traveller Calligrapher
 National Award Winner (1984) 
Guest Faculty, Applied Art (Calligraphy), Fine Art, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

Oct 2015



I have known Aiyana for more than 10 years. In this long period, I have seen her grow as a person and as a soul. She has a fine and subtle sense of life which she brings to her work and her art with passionate sincerity.

I find in Aiyana’s work a perfect blend of fluidity of movement and intense attention to detail – and this creates a lingering and subtle meditative effect.

Aiyana is now at a critical point of her inner journey and this collection of her work becomes a significant expression of that journey – a creative chronicle of a spiritual un-foldment! 

– Partho


22nd Dec 2009