India Korea 2008 was the turning point in my life. One afternoon, I visit my mentor Shobha Broota to review my new calligraphy work, going beyond the box of alphabet. At the end of the session, I got an invitation from my Guru to attend the India-Korea exchange workshop. I have attended, organised many workshops in the corporate world, but art workshop did not make sense. This is one space of my life, where I allow no one in it except for me, my Guru and my studio buddies. I painted to simply paint in my solitude and silence. It made no sense what it meant to go for an ‘Art Camp’, working ‘together’ with a group of Artist. All Shobhaji said – “Just do what you do in the Studio – simply paint.”

I was humbled to be chosen to perform on the same stage as my Guru, to be one amongst such senior and established artists. It made me nervous to attend an art event in a ‘professional’ capacity. Somehow art was never ‘work’ for me. Art was love made visible for me. I used to immerse in my colors when I used to come back from my ‘full-time job’. No one knew what I did in my silence and solitude every night. I allowed no one in it. And suddenly I saw myself being thrown in the ocean of art. It felt like an Artist coming out of the closet. My family, my friends suddenly awakened to the Artist in me, after this Show. I felt my privacy invaded. And that is the inherent tension every artist lives with – the intimacy in creating art and the public exposure in sharing art. Its such a paradox. Something so intimate, so private becomes so public, so out there in the open.

India-Korea 2008 opened my life to hearts, minds and souls, so unique and beautiful. Each one exploring expressing ideas and perspectives of life, so true to them. I was fortunate to witness such senior artists at work – how each one of them approached the same canvas in a different way. It opened my life, my mind to infinity in perspectives beyond linear social conditioning.

I was humbled by the opportunity gifted to me -for  my painting, straight out of the closet, hang on the walls  of the prestigious gallery of Dhoomimal Art Centre, amongst such senior artists. Yes, this is destiny at play. This show changed the trajectory of my life, personally and professionally.

My deepest Gratitude to my Guru, my parents and my Gods.


International Residency Program, India-Korea Show; exhibition at Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi, 2008