For me, Art is a journey within and without. Through the medium of art, I travel across land and lifetimes lived.  This time my art opened doors to something I truly love…travelling. In my corporate life, I have attended my workshops and conferences across the world. However, travelling across the border as an Artist was a whole new experience. I was privileged to be selected by Academy of Visual Media to be part of the Indian delegate for the Korea-India Contemporary Art Exchange program in Seoul, South Korea in 2013. As an Artist, travelling on work, is like opening the eyes of your heart, mind and soul to land, people and culture. It is an osmosis transcending all barriers of language and humanity. Its about convergence and divergence of new ideas and perspectives. In my advertising days, I have worked across many Korean brands, and have admired their sheer focus and determination to grow in the global economy. However, as the Artist, I touched the spiritual essence of the Korean stroke, in calligraphy and hospitality.

Art is all about life, as authentic, as real as we can get. It is about knowing the Nation Soul through the Artist Soul. Its about an exchange, a learning, a giving, a receiving, beyond the tangibility of monetary gain and loss. And that is what makes me tick and come alive as an Artist.