I sincerely believe that  art can be understood as a joining of the material and the spiritual, the specific and the universal, the individual and the humanity.

I had the privilege to participate in the One Asia festival, spearheaded by Auroville based calligrapher Jyoti Era. This show opened my life to the world of forms called an Alphabets. It was enriching interacting with calligraphers across Asia, across languages, across cultures… all centred in the dynamic beauty of a calligraphy stroke.

For me, calligraphy is not limited by the boundaries of language. The word Calligraphy connotes beautiful (calli) and line (graph). Inspired by the dynamic beauty of the calligraphy stroke, I innovated by taking the stroke ‘out-of-the-box’ of the alphabets into the universal language of abstract art. Calligraphy goes beyond beautiful handwriting; it is an art of meditation where the mind, body and soul come together in unison. The patient and persevering strokes of the calligraphy pen requires the discipline of focusing all one’s attention to each stroke. Calligraphy art is my practice of centering my being in the here-and-now.