The Lexicon Collection.2011

Interview with Aiyana Gunjan

The Mystery of strokes

An artist imprints what the subject want to.

For one, applying ink in tiny to thick range with a calligraphy pen a thousand times on canvas, right after getting home from grueling sessions in office is not an easy task. But when the echo of pen strokes culminates into melody of intuitive pleasure, it remains no longer a task but develops as a meditation that is relished by the soul throughout those continuous hours. This is how Aiyana rejoices the nectar of a life i.e., happiness.

Aiyana Gunjan’s mediation is calligraphy painting. Ink and pen, along with watercolours, are the intimates who never leave her feeling lonely.

“My work is an act of surrendering to the intuitive flow of life where the mind is the humble servant. The brand planning involves being true to the consumer and the fine art is about me being true to my inner self”

Excerpts from a talk:

*How do you do all the works?

I savor the spirituality through working. I nourish my soul while painting , as it’s an autotelic experience for me. I flow with pen, ink and watercolours to maintain a dialogue with the Supreme Creator. Sitar with me has same relationship. And, in brand planning, I replenish the consumer by being bona fide to them. It’s the doer—mind that follows the soul’s instructions and finally, a work is seen on surface.

*What about your affection with pen and ink?

I don’t know exactly but I think it’s a karmic relation of me with pen and ink. Since childhood I was crazy about ink pens. Crafting is my first love. Painting on plates, creating impressions out of pressed dried flowers, tie and dye and other art crafts were a great recreation for me in my childhood.

*Points about calligraphy painting… In this style of writing we have five strokes; meaning these five components create all the alphabets. So we can take out several beautiful forms out of a single calligraphy stroke. Actually I innovated, taking the calligraphy stroke out of box of the alphabets to the tune of abstract art. And, these several beauty forms in abundance, in an order, let me put final upshot.

*How can one, such as you, explore deeper dimension and perspectives of life through creative work?

Proper understanding of a creative work, such as a fine art reaches one closer to the deeper dimension and various perspective of life. It accompanies you to touch the horizons that are beyond the limits of logical mind.

*What is the ultimate goal?                                      

“Become like a pen that imprints what the subject wants to. A pen with ink does exactly the doer’s will. I am a pen to do Supreme Creator’s messages”.

Published in The Lexicon Collection. 101 Contemporary Indian Artists (Volume 1) By Divesh Nath Delhi Press.2011. Book launch by Padma shri Keshav Malik

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