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Stay at home and online schooling is the call of the hour. How will the Digital Native generation react to being taught through the vacuum of the screen? Pre pandemic, being glued to the screen meant having fun, hanging out, playing games, surfing scanning everything n anything. It was about freedom and ‘my’ will. And the parents trying their best to get the kids off the screen.

The drastic impact of the pandemic – children isolated at home, attending ‘virtual school’ on screens, will perhaps change the relationship of the digital natives with their screens.

It can be a fish-takes-to-water tech scenario;

OR could it be that  the kids  resist the school-on-screen..coerced screenified, for long hours, without having fun with friends in school

Perhaps, this could lead to GenNext organically giving their screen a break! …watch out for this space, as we move on in real time.

Nassim Taleb (author, the black swan) quotes – “…the need to use the extreme event as a starting point, and not treat it as an exception to be pushed under carpet

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