Black Swan

Black Swan – a random event, highly improbable, nearly impossible to predict, unknown but having a huge impact on our lives. This Pandemic is surely a Black Swan event, changing the world by 180 degrees.

Travel n Trade – the lifeline of globalisation became the vehicle of this rapid spread, across boundaries. It attacked the DNA of the globalised world- mobility. The global world is forced to shift from being outward to inward driven… pushing people back to the base camp, back to the essentials. The rest is irrelevant!

The impact of this pandemic is not just on health, but it’s going to disrupt the very way we live, work, think and breathe… As Nassim Nicholas Taleb ( author of the black swan) quotes – “ Our world is dominated by the extreme, the unknown, and the very improbable, – and all the while we spend our time engaged in small talks, focusing on the known, and the repeated. This implies the need to use the extreme event as a starting point, and not treat it as an exception to be pushed under the carpet.” out for this space, as we move on in real time.

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“Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

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