Social (Indian) Distancing

Covid distancing bytes:  India is a country (in)famous for its crowds and crowd-lines. We may not be shaking hands or pecking on cheeks, but we Indians love to stick close to each other, literally on top of each other! People distancing is alien to us…
And then Corona happened…literally pulling us apart…straightening us…spacing us out, in space so limited. A do or die scenario.
Yes, socially distancing it got be
but let the dil-se-dil-ka connection
grow closer
in Covid times.
 @aiyanagunjan.strokes of silence series.2011.watercolors.pen-ink.paper
#covid #socialdistancing #corona #indianculture #crowdlines #dilhaihindustani

Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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