Here and Now

Covid-Time Bytes: While clearing the clutter on my mobile, I chanced upon this video clip of Nov 2019 – a discussion on Time, at Gallery Threshold Art​, during the ‘Painted Almanac’ Show. Interesting to see myself commenting on the Power of Now…Ichinen Sanzen – past, present future, all existing in one single moment…the mind monkeying with past n future …At that time,perhaps, it was a bit of a philosophical, intellectual construct…

But today it takes
a Corona to show us –
there is NO other way
but to live in
Here n Now.

Thanks Corona
for practically
connecting me
back to my
sanity quotient
called Nowness. 🙏🌺

समय क्या क्या हमें दिखता है.
समय क्या क्या हमें सिखाता है.
समय ही बलवान है

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