Come Corona, and I stop short in all the zillion plans i was so busy making and living in.

Pre-covid, our brains were wired to make plans…we lived in the plans we made, even the present was just a ‘means’ to the end called future plans. Our plans, written in stone of our mind, gave us the purpose, goal, target…the sense of doing, the high of achieving in linearity…climbing the ladder of making it Big…

…plans and plans, micro and macro, business and holidays, school tiffin and homework, eat-out and cook-out, exams and appraisals and bonus, weightloss and look good, money and honey…anyone and everyone wired by the plan. so busy, so occupied, pre-occupied, over occupied…running on the treadmill of life…working hard..planning hard, how to get the plans off the ground.

And Stress , the by product, is nothing but the a GAP between where-am-i-now and where-i-plan-to-be! All sucked into the whirlpool of planning, controlling, stressing, fearing, hoping, stressing, living….aiming for the stars, we planned!

Come Corona, and it was as if the plug was pulled out! Suddenly all our big and multitude of plans
(in our head) came falling down like a pack of card. Nothing held good. Something that was so real, so tangible, in our (little) minds, suddenly seemed so unreal, so illusionary. Nothing in our control! Future n planning gone into the black hole.

Thank You Corona. In one stroke, you showed usour ‘almighty’ sense  of control is a merely an illusion.

Thank you corona
for gifting us back
The Present.

Just do what you can do, live well, within the boundary of the 24-slotted- Present…and leave the future and planning alone. Replace control with trust. Things will fall into place, sooner or later, beyond all the Planning, we thought, we wrote in stone.

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@aiyanagunjan.moving finger series 2008.calligraphy.pen.ink.

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Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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