WW2 slogan for 2020

Come Corona and chaos, panic and uncertainity, at every level of life, took over life, like a tsunami…..For once, i dont feel like writing more on whats happening ….we all are living it, we are all in it together…you and me and all of us…there is no other way out, but to face each day, lockedin, as it comes.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Today, as we move from Lockdown 1.0 to Lockdown 2.0, all i want, all I seek, all I aspire for is my sense of Calm. I take inspiration, I draw strength, from the 1939 British slogan, at time of preparation of World War 11.


Nothing more
Nothing less.

#StaySafe #StayHome #StayCalm
#covidtimes #corona #lockdown #british #worldwarII

@aiyanagunjan. calligraphy strokes.watercolours.2014

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Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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