(s)Paced Out

Come corona and the pace of the 24×7 day suddenly changed……like a racing car turned into a bullock cart!

WFM ( work from/for home) minus the ‘maids-of india….corona, unwittingly, kickstarted the new skill-building program. DIY, youtube self-taught, it is!

Some zoomed in working hard ( or hardly, who knows), and others zoomed out of work. No more of running helter-skelter, round and round the garden, like a headless chicken…on roads.. in mind

The pre-corona fast-life seems to have gone into a Slow-Mo…each and every stroke, so clear, so lucid, linearly moving in the day-night routine.

‘i m busy-got no time’ made passe by corona. Time is all one has, in plentitude. Suddenly, ‘nothing’ has acquired a whole new meaning! Socially acceptable it is, to say I m doing ‘nothing’ …just twiddling my thumb (in between WFM). Spaced out day, it is.

Thanks to Corona, it takes me back to the age-old wisdom in nothingness and slowness. Nature takes its own time and yet everthing is accomplised.

From the space of
The New emerges…

So lets just chill-pill, do whats to be done
And cruise in the leisurely pace of slowness.

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@aiyanagunjan.one at a time. watercolors.calligraphystrokes.2015

Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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