The Makeover

Come corona and the look-good went out of the window. All the fancy frills and make-up kits felt ignored, left behind in the dark corner. Fashion, so IN, overnight, turned OUT.

With high command order of stay locked in home , all of the top of the top priority ….hi-fashion, high-heeled, selfie-pout, designer bags in toe, manicured-pedicured, tips n toes, hair-died-of-coloring, spas n beauty parlours, cant-be-caught-dead-without-my-makeup, sexy in style, forever young…all went way down the priority, to negative. Who’s looking at me but the four walls!! Where do I go…

Come corona, the look-good had no lookers anymore, anywhere. Who has the time to get into all that fuss and fancy when there is bartan-jhadoo-poccha to be done.

Forget look-good, Feel-Good, Feel-Comfy, Feel-Jhaalla is the IN corona fashion. Whose seeing me anyway…Wear anything, anyhow, mismatched, whatever topping over whatever bottom, anything would do, nothing will also do, the older the softer….no one to seeMe.seeU. Just be. Just chillpill.
DIY beauty palour tips n tricks… Hair growing wild…n white…what to do…beauty challenged.

Its like corona has stripped us off our high flyer idea of beauty and vanity. Its like corona has stripped us off all the layers of superficialities, and keeping appearances. By force, we are made to feel comfortable in our skin, without all props. By corona design, we, for a moment, wondered, what it could mean by ‘Beauty is skin deep’

Come corona,
come acceptance
in being just the way i look
good, bad ugly (who has a choice!)

No stress
Of looking
anyother way
than looking
the way i do
At home
Easy go,
comfy feel
no fuss no frills

natural self I see
Relaxed i feel
It is what it is
Feeling much at home!

#covidtimes #corona #lockdown. #fashion #beauty #vanity #strippedoff #bare #feelgood. #lookgood


Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

One thought on “The Makeover

  1. Hi Gunjan
    For a naturally talented individual like you the “makeover” concept penned by you truly reflects the reality of COVID times. Going bald will soon be beautiful and new norm not only for the bold but also beautiful !
    Keep safe and keep blogging !

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