Come corona and it’s every known-turned-unknown. As if sucked into the Black Hole!

The location-locked-lockdown forced us to shift from anytime-anything-is-possible TO only-this-much-is-possible.  A surreal sense of ‘known’ within the four walls. 

But the BIG QUESTION looming on every mind is – What will happen after the lockdown?? Will we return to our ‘normal’ ways of life? 

The Unknown is scary….

Hey, this too shall pass…we  will fit back in our comfort zone…so we hope against hope.  And yet our 6th sense senses the opposite.  

This uncertainty, this not-knowing, this anxiousness, this conjecturing over what will happen, once we are out of the jail – I mean lockdown, is eating us within. The  list of unknowns  is never within circles, but there seems to be only one answer at the end of the day-

DK/CS (don’t know/can’t say)!

This pandemic has turned out to be most improbable, highly unpredictable event, impacting our lives like never before. 

What to do? 

Have faith in human courage, patience, tenacity, creativity and adaptability. Do what’s to be done and one thing leads to another. 

Just take it easy, and leave the unknown to work out itself. 🌺❣️🙏

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Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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