Retail ‘Fasting’

Come corona, lockdown, all shutters down….     we-the-consumerism under serious threat. 

Irrespective of where we stood in the superlative-branded-hierarchy, we are brought down to the lowest common denominator – Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.

All the zillion things bursting out of the cupboards, the frills n fancies, the super-premium brands we paid through our nose for, seem meaningless, so irrelevant, in moments of covid times.  

It feels like  going on retail-fasting, forget retail therapy!  So, chalk-n-cheese to the ‘BC times’  of DiL-maange-more- n-more, the oneupmanship game, the compulsive  shop-holics, filling a bottomless pit -in the fear of being left behind. A rat-race it was!

Looking at the magnitude of materialism owned, it makes one ponder…How much is enough? Where to draw the line? 

Thank you corona, for reconnecting me to the age-old wisdom. It’s not about ‘how-much’  but with what mind you consume-

Mind-lessly Or Mind-FULLY 


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aiyanagunjan. drawing.2017

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