Looming doom

Come corona and life turned into a hanging-garden of death… all-pervasive, all inclusive, discriminating none.

Never before has death felt so close home. Come corona and it’s dark cloud of doom looming on mankind. Existence threatened. 👿

Let’s face it…how long can we brush the gloomdom of fear,panic n anxiety, 😱😳🤬under the carpet. It’s so palpable but we push it way under our skin, in all the song n dance of the lockdown . The thought it self is so scary, the rising numbers seem like the waves coming closer home. God forbids, if anything, even other than Corona happens-You go to the hospital alone. No one coming with you. Scary. It’s even scarier when elders are told that there is no ventilator for you. The doctors n healthcare workers fighting on the frontline, are over stretched. There is no way to see, your doctor, in his clinic, god forbid, any other ailment pops up. Wish all ailments could be treated virtually! All the media noise of corona spreading faster than fire, surface2surface, symptomatic-A-symptomatic…a reality check it may be..but it only adds to fuel to the psychometrics! And the horror of the horror is there is no cure to corona!

And life hangs between Life and Death, so we fear….And we are ALL in it…where to escape? Lockdown.

Yes, Corona ‘psychosis’ makes me look at death squarely and fairly. I can die, my loved ones can die, anyone can die…Corona makes us live on the edge. Thats the fact of life. Reality bites!

What to do?

Thanks to Corona, I go back to the battle ground of Mahabharata.
Krishna guides Arjuna not to fear death, not to be a coward in the face of death. Krishna metaphorically explains- The body is like the clothes the Soul wears; once worn out, it’s discarded. And the soul adorns new clothes, new life. The Soul, आत्मा, never dies, it can never be destroyed or burnt. It can not be killed and it lives on eternally. O Arjun, do not fear death, just go ahead and do your duty, your karma- fulfilling your purpose of life.

Thank you Corona for will helping me find peace and solace around the fundamental question life and death, in this sacred dialogue of Krishna. 🌺😊

Corona or no corona, we have one life to live and love, whatever maybe the span❣️❣️Just live it❣️🌷


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