My God in Music

Who is your God? I was once asked. Without a second thought, I replied I pray to many Gods.

As if I had committed a blunder, pat came a statutory warning –

If you pray to many and all, then, none of your gods will come to your rescue.

Who is the ONE God you call out to in distress??

Now I saw the logic from where it was coming, and yet my heart couldn’t explain the unity-in-multiplicity of my faith. My Gods of God never let me down, and I love and talk to each one of them. Different forms, different strokes.

How can I chose ONE over another? I pondered, I wondered…

And lo behold,  music in my heart found the answer, in the universal  7 notes of Sargam- where each note comes with character and power of their own, and yet they all came together, in synchronicity.  

Yes, My Gods of God reside in the Sound of Music and Colors of Life.

🟣SA.Shiva. the foundational note
for my primordial God Shiva…the origin
🔵Pa. Vishnu avataars – Krishna, Jesus.
🟢Ga. Ganesha – new beginning, removing obstacles
🔴Ma. Shakti -Durga, The Mother
🟠Dha.  Buddha – wisdom, courage, compassion
🟡Re and Ni :Sun and Moon, the daily rhythm of morning and night
⚪️Sa. Saraswati- knowledge, aspiration,learning.

Yes, I found My Gods in the Sargam of music, and they all come together, in harmony, playing the Raga called Life.

Even my favourite Calligraphy forms from across global scripts – English, Hindi, Hebrew, Korean- are united in the sound of music. After all, a letter is simply a cultural symbol of sound.

©️aiyanagunjan.2020. #indigo#calligraphy#faith#music # Hebrewletters.

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Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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