Health & Identity

A Doctor’s Call: Please create a LOGO for the new respiratory and critical care department in the hospital. I was silenced by the gravity of the brief, specially in today’s covid’s times. How does one design a logo for a critical care department impacting the bottom-line of life.

A logo is a visual identity, a symbol, that communicates the core essence of the brand. This matter of health took me back to my anatomy drawings and semiotics. As an artist, I have been inspired to study the physical anatomy of human organs which give us life and function. And then taken a creative leap from there. So, the starting point for conceptualising the logo design was the anatomy of respiratory organs – the Lungs.

Semiotics empowered me to think design, in terms of signs and symbols. It helped me to understand how meaning gets created, subconsciously. Staying true to the lungs form, and applying the power of symbology, the design concepts options were developed.

The concept of ‘transforming life’, using butterfly as a metaphor, was most befitting for this new department.

In culture, the colours signify different meanings in different contexts. From the respiratory context, the chosen colours- green and blue, cue flow of oxygen, fresh air and nature.

My creative tool is my calligraphy pen, ink and paper, not the computer. You dip the pen into the ink pot, and then create the stroke on paper, like a single breath. The calligraphy stroke brought me closer to the life-giving function of the lungs. Unlike the mechanics of a computer, calligraphy line is as natural as life itself.

Developing the visual identity for The Institute of Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Max Hospital, Saket, gave a deep sense of gratification. The logo, on top of every prescription, subliminally gives the hope of life to the patient. The promise of respiratory critical care recovery.


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