The Art of Now

The stroke by stroke flow of calligraphy brings me closer to the gift called the Present. On one hand, the monkey of a mind swings between past and future…being here but wanting to be there. On the other hand, the calligraphy stroke approach anchors my attention to the Now. It takes full energy and focus to create the stroke – with a definite beginning and an end. Each stroke is complete in itself, with a definite beginning and an end. Just like inhaling and exhaling of the breath. And then you move to the next. The head, heart and hand is centred in the Now – a space in which thoughts cease. It’s in this process, stroke by stroke, the painting reveals itself.

When my mind gets caught in the vicious cycle of rumination, I take inspiration from the stroke by stroke flow of my calligraphy pen. I bring my full attention and energy to the stroke: the present task in hand. Typically our actions are seen as means to a ‘bigger’ end. The stroke by stroke approach teaches me to view each action as an end in itself.

I surrender to the intuitive flow, where the mind is primarily focused on attending to the demands of life, moment to moment. Every time my mind ruminates, I think the calligraphy stroke.

Truly, fine art is called fine because it’s the art of making me feel so fine within.

Its not just the dynamic beauty of the calligraphy stroke that inspires me but it connects me to the way of life. The Buddhist concept of Ichinen Sanzen guides the past-present-future exist in one single moment. Calligraphy practically teaches me the art of life, directing me to stay anchored in the present. It’s about one moment, one stroke, one task follows the other, trusting the intuitive flow of life to lead, and life unfolds itself, in beauty and harmony. Art is life and life is art, and it takes a daily practice to stay centred. I call it my meditation in movement, and in that lies the joy and sanity quotient.

The joy and sanity quotient. #calligraphy #calligraphyart #stroke #life #contemporaryart #artvideo #presentmoment #monkeymind

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Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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