Wasli: the 10th century living tradition

Wasli Paper

No screen can beat the touch and feel of paper. I am all ready to rock and roll with my new roll of Wasli Paper. There is something so special about it this humble sheet of paper. Wasli is a natural hand-made paper, made in layers.

Unlike the rough textured handmade papers, my calligraphy pen glides so smoothly on Wasli. It’s the hand-crafted technique of burnishing the paper ( rubbing the paper with Agate stone) that creates the smooth surface. It was devised in 10th century, specially used for miniature paintings and calligraphy.

It’s interesting to learn the word ‘Wasli’ has Persian origin meaning coming together, oneness. For me, it’s been a ‘coming together’ of handmade paper, ink and pen.

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Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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