Exploring 2D-to-3D

Sculpting paper

Aren’t we constantly seeking another dimension to give us a new perspective, a new insight into the matter.

This time it was my hands itching to play in 3D. Sadly, clay and the potter’s wheel were far from reach. So I turned back to my good old pen and paper, searching for the 3rd dimension.

Where there is a will, one surely finds a way. Sometimes constraints push you to find another way out, a new method or material…

And I found light in origami folds. I never thought there was an art of crumpling and crushing!. My first experience of sculpting in paper. This adds a new dimension to my love for working with paper . I call it my ‘paper-pottery’!

Art is an exploration where the mind really don’t know where it is taking you. The mind simply surrenders to the intuitive flow of art n life. The joy lies in the hand-heart- head united in the flow.

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Published by Aiyana Gunjan

Aiyana Gunjan Visual Artist, Calligrapher, Cultural Decoder-Semiotician

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