About Artist

Aiyana Gunjan (b 1970, Allahabad, India) is a Delhi-based Visual Artist and Calligrapher. She mixes calligraphy with abstraction; the rare, disciplined corporate woman – turned – artist depicts stories through strokes. 

Aiyana’s beginnings are rooted in the field of economics; she earned a BA (Hons) in the subject, going on to also earn a degree in Masters of Business Economics. Aiyana started her corporate career in the field of Strategic Planning with advertising biggies like O&M and  HTA/JWT, reached even higher to become the Head of Planning at companies like Mudra and Dentsu, and then went on to pioneer the concept of Semiotics in India. While she devoted eighteen years of her life to working in advertising, she has always felt a strong connection to the arts. Her interests spanned disciplines as she trained under eminent gurus – Shobha Broota in painting, Anis Siddiqui in calligraphy and Subrata De in sitar and Indian Classical Music.

Aiyana Gunjan has educated herself and used self-knowledge to open her mind and her heart to the universe,  to  sacred  and  personal  spaces.  It is  this trajectory  of  thought, philosophy  of  transience which  is  fuelling  Aiyana  Gunjan’s  language  of  art. 

This crisscrossing has had a profound effect on her artworks, bringing in an intra-disciplinary approach to her artistic practice, in addition to an idealised innovativeness (from her time spent working in the advertising world) as well as a profound sense of spirituality stemming from her deep thirst to learn more about the human condition which establishes Aiyana Gunjan’s singular vocabulary, too. Not being trained in the academy has worked to her advantage. Unfettered by the formality of a structured education, 


2015: The Moving Finger– curated by Dr. Alka Pande, Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
2016: Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Auroville, Tamil Nadu
2016: Maison Columbani, Alliance Francaise, Pondicherry


2008: 5th India-Korea, Art camp, Khajuraoh; Exhibition at Dhoomimal Art Centre, New Delhi
2012: One Asia International Calligraphy Exhibition ‘Ek Sutra’, India International Centre, New Delhi
2012: Korea-India,AW Convention Centre,Seoul, Kore2013: The Spirit of Forms, Korean Cultural Centre, Dhoomimal Art Centre
2013: Resonance of the Spirit, Gallery Hanbyeokwon,Seoul, S.Korea
2013: 8th Korea-India, Art Camp, Ghanghwa Peace Village, South Korea
2014: Sangam, Arpana Caur Gallery, New Delhi. 2015: Oasis Festival, BITS Pilani
2015: Beyond the Borders – workshop at Jaipur; Exbihibion at Korean Cultural Centre, Art Konsult,
2017: Photography Show by Origin Group, New Delhi
2018: Harvest 2018, Arushi Arts, curated by Payal Jain, The Stainless Gallery, New Delhi
2019: White on White II, Praccheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh
2020: White on White II, PilgrimLive Art Gallery, Gurgaon


2011 The Lexicon Collection, 100 Contemporary Indian Artists, by Divesh Nath, Delhi Press
2012 Tears of the Dancing Letters- documentary film on Calligraphy.
2015: Verve Magazine listed the Moving Finger Show amongst the top shows of 2015
2016: Gnostic Centre Journal, Habitat Centre annual Journal. 
2016: Art and Deal Magazine. Feb 2016. article on her calligraphy art
2020: SYGYZY Moments by Anupama Singal, Shikha Tiku


2008-19: Conducts Calligraphy/ creative workshops – Zorba, the Buddha, Gnostic Centre, Tasmai Centre.2016: Commissioned work by India Habitat Centre 2013: Book Design – Vesture of Being by Padma Shri Keshav Malik. 2006: Creative collaboration-Sitar album, Ganga, by Subrata De,Saregama. 2004: FLO delegate, Edinburgh Festival of Art and Culture