i paint not to decorate walls, but to break walls within

For me, art is a journey within-in search of new perspective, new dimension of life. The creative process is an autotelic experience where the process is an end in itself – my joy and sanity quotient; the rest is a by-product.

The Moving Finger

Calligraphy connotes a beautiful line. I love the dynamic beauty, the statement of the calligraphy stroke. There is so much in just one stroke. I took the calligraphy stroke out of the limits of the language into the universal language of fine arts. My oblique-cut nib qalam is my brush. Stroke by stroke, I move, in search of new perspective and momentum.

The more I am in my creative space, the more I am at peace, the more I flow with myself. Its my meditative practice of being in the here-and-now, or else I am nowhere.

The Moving Finger always inspires and pushes me to keep moving on, no matter what. In that I found the essence of life and creativity.

The Stroke

I m fascinated by the grammar of the calligraphy strokes of different scripts. The angle of the nib, the movement of the pen, the form of the strokes. The alphabet in calligraphy has so much flow and strength. I love exploring the flow and strength in different calligraphy strokes, despite not knowing the language. English, Devanagri, Hebrew, Korean

Symbol of Sound: I realised that alphabets are nothing but Cultural Symbol of Sound. and I started writing the seven notes of music in different calligraphy form of scripts. Music is very close to my heart The coming together of an infinity of strokes of music and calligraphy in Hebrew, Korean, Hindi and English

Beyond Borders. there lies a spirt of oneness, transcending all barriers within and without.
The Sacred Indigo

I have been experimenting with the colours of nature- natural, organic pigments. Here one has to mix one’s own color, using gum arabica and pigment powder. There’s feel of a difference working with natural material and something so mystical about Indigo.

Geometry have always been my foundational lines. This time I discovered the magic of sacred geometry – the geometry of the universe. I was moved by the concept of tessellation – the rhythm and precision in interconnectedness. No measurement or calculation and yet so precise and symmetrical.

Faith Inspired

Spiritual attainment of my pen. Being secular at heart, I m deeply moved by the sacred words across faith. Calligraphy brings me closer to the spirit of Oneness, transcending the diverse forms of religious texts – Hindu, Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity

Colours of Life

I love the freedom fine arts gives me to explore and experiment with mediums and forms, Painting, photography, printing, sitar, pottery are my secondary layer, calligraphy being my primary discipline. And this is what makes my language.

It’s all in the Mind. delving deeper into the social mindset around the ‘mind- mental’ construct. Somehow brain is not treated like any other physical organ- heart, lung, liver, leg etc.  Our identity is steeped in this organ. I studied the biological anatomy of the brain, and then I took a creative leap, within the brain form. I really enjoyed the flow and was amazed what all emerged spontaneously.