Covivid it is! It was fascinating working with sacred geometry- the geometry occurring in the universe/nature. So vividly, so organically, it demonstrated the interconnectedness, the repetitive precision of tessallation occurring in the Universe. Today, this painting from my Indiglo Series 2018, stares in my face …isn’t the corona virus riding on the sacred pattern ofContinue reading “Interconnected”


Covid 19 Reality Bite: work-FROM-home And work-FOR-home. So Covivid is the ‘Maid-in-India’ crisis today. It takes a corona virus to show the double-responsibility-double- stress the Indian working woman has borne, in the double income households. The maid has been her COO at home, making sure all gets done well at home and office. Her right handContinue reading “W-From/For-H”