Here and Now

Covid-Time Bytes: While clearing the clutter on my mobile, I chanced upon this video clip of Nov 2019 – a discussion on Time, at Gallery Threshold Art​, during the ‘Painted Almanac’ Show. Interesting to see myself commenting on the Power of Now…Ichinen Sanzen – past, present future, all existing in one single moment…the mind monkeyingContinue reading “Here and Now”

Social (Indian) Distancing

Covid distancing bytes:  India is a country (in)famous for its crowds and crowd-lines. We may not be shaking hands or pecking on cheeks, but we Indians love to stick close to each other, literally on top of each other! People distancing is alien to us… And then Corona happened…literally pulling us apart…straightening us…spacing us out,Continue reading “Social (Indian) Distancing”


Covivid it is! It was fascinating working with sacred geometry- the geometry occurring in the universe/nature. So vividly, so organically, it demonstrated the interconnectedness, the repetitive precision of tessallation occurring in the Universe. Today, this painting from my Indiglo Series 2018, stares in my face …isn’t the corona virus riding on the sacred pattern ofContinue reading “Interconnected”