I paint, not to decorate walls, but to break the walls within.

Joy and Peace
MusicTranscends Boundaries
Let Thy Will Be Done
The Bliss

A life changing experience brought me closer to the depth and expanse of life, beyond the limits of logic. It awakened me to my creative soul.

The social matrix boxes us in the labels of judgement, conditioning and expectation. And yet there lies a spirit of oneness, transcending all barriers- within and without. My work is an act of surrendering to the intuitive flow of life, where the mind is the humble servant.It inspires and pushes me to keep moving forward, no matter what. And that’s the essence of art, life and creativity for me.

I love the freedom fine arts gives me to explore and experiment with mediums and forms, Painting, photography, printing, sitar, pottery are my secondary layer, calligraphy being my primary discipline And this is what makes my language.

Calligraphy is truly Me. I love the dynamic beauty, the statement of the Calligraphy Stroke. There is so much in just one stroke. That made me challenge the traditional boundaries of calligraphy. I took the stroke, out of the box of letters, into the universal language of fine arts. My oblique-cut nib calligraphy pen is my brush. Stroke by stroke, I paint, in search of perspective and momentum.

Moving Finger Solo Show 2015. Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre. New Delhi

Spiritual attainment of my pen. Being secular at heart, I m deeply moved by the sacred words across faith. Calligraphy brings me closer to the Unity-in-Multiplicity of the diverse religious texts. I see it as the believe in the Oneness of the Universal Force, transcending barriers and forms

Music-in-Calligraphy.  I m fascinated by the grammar of the calligraphy strokes of different scripts. The angle of the nib, the movement of the pen, the form of the strokes.I love exploring diferent scripts of calligraphy. Not knowing the language did not stop me. After all, letters are nothing but Forms of Sound. And I dive in the ocean of music- my Sitar notations of Indian Classical Raags An infinity of strokes of music and calligraphy, coming together, as I pen the musical notes in Hebrew, Korean, Hindi and English

Aiyana Gunjan’s art is the expression of her desire to discover her own self. In the process of creativity she follows her own heart. One can sense this flow through the movement and rhythm in whatever she does. 
She has incorporated all other parallel disciplines she has been practising along with her art. Her interest in music, calligraphy, design, prose and poetry has enriched her and is reflected in her art.

Stand Alone Spirit