Aiyana Gunjan is a self-taught artist who took up the calligraphy pen and explored it in its myriad manifestations. She has taken calligraphy to the level of fine art and created a body of work, which is deeply spiritual, secular and inward-looking.
Her works speak the language of a meditative silence and move along the contours of her personal space…captures the essence of Aiyana’s highly introspective work.

Dr Alka Pande
Indian academic and museum curator

Aiyana Gunjan’s art is the expression of her desire to discover her own self. In the process of creativity she follows her own heart One can sense this flow through the movement and rhythm in whatever she does. She has incorporated all other parallel disciplines she has been practising along with her art. Her interest in music, calligraphy, design, prose and poetry has enriched her and is reflected in her art.

Shobha Broota
Senior Artist, Art Educationist

She has a fine and subtle sense of life which she brings to her work and her art with passionate sincerity Aiyana’s work is a perfect blend of fluidity of movement and intense attention to detail – and this creates a lingering and subtle meditative effect.

EDUCATIONIST, Writer, heads Auroveda GnoSiS

Aiyana Gunjan is the rare artist, aesthete and scholar who beautifully combines analytics with artistry and logic with eloquence.Her semiotic studies are  a treat –she takes you on a journey of understanding  that is deep and meaningful, full of twists and turns that you do not expect but finally, realise that it all makes total sense.
Her artworks signify a profound distillation of esoteric meanings and lived life experiences — they are no mere markings on paper or cloth but speak of rhythms and cadences that are as ancient as time itself, as precious as life itself. I am always looking forward to what Aiyana has to offer next.

WRITER AND curator of indian art

It is so wonderful to see the work you have done on Auroville & your overall creation in life, with its varied aspects.
The analysis that is reflected in your art is based on not just an artistic fervour but an in-depth view of cognitive processes, I must say. You have been trying to catch the waves, thought processes as well as sharing on common norms and values, imbibed inside, that is culture. Your depiction is on socio-cultural, indeed, and it doesn’t or it can’t exclude or neglect the human interaction.
Hats off to your expressing the inner or sub-surface world, within world, and exhibiting the same through different idioms and mediums. The artistic view can be understood well with a little help from you, no doubt but once that happens, every line, symbol or color with mincing of words, come out as abhivyakti in itself.
Even amidst the hectic activity, why life, that we get ourselves bound to, an introduction to or a view of your picturesque presentation, no doubt is a breathing space….why even a soothing touch, real yet elusive. 

MEDHA patkar
SOCIAL Indian social activist working on various crucial political and economic issues 
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Aiyana’s natural intellectual curiosity and ability to distill large amounts of information into interesting insights was hugely valuable to us on two international projects, looking at ‘refreshment’ and ‘innovation’ in India.
Like-able, warm and emotionally intelligent, Aiyana is a talented cultural detective with ability to sift through huge swathes of information and spot what others might overlook. She can take small shoots and nurture them into persuasive insight. She’s also committed, thorough and nice to work with. I found her to be enthusiastic, full of great ideas, helpful, and used tremendous initiative on both projects.

John Murphy,

Aiyana is a brilliant semiotician and I am deeply impressed by herdecoding of Auroville’s cultural codes. It is very insightful anduseful in understanding the creative and formative tensions that underlie a culture and generate its cultural patterns. 

Design Thinking, INTERGRAL EDUCATION Auroville

Aiyana Gunjan

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