I love the dynamic beauty, the statement of the Calligraphy Stroke.

In praise of the Lotus Sutra
Delhi O Delhi
Faith Inspired. Being secular at heart, I m deeply moved by the sacred words across faith. Calligraphy brings me closer to the Unity-in-Multiplicity of the diverse religious texts. I see it as the ‘spiritual attainment’ of my pen.
Shivoham, in English calligraphy, celebrates the unbounded consciousness, transcending the cycle of life and death.
Bliss: The sacred Maha Mantra is rendered in Devagnari, and Arabic calligraphy stroke

Inspired I am by the duality in nature. In this polarity, there lies the emergence of the harmony in blossoming.
Commissioned work by India Habitat Centre, Permanent display, New Delhi
Beyond Borders. there lies a spirt of oneness, transcending all barriers within and without.
The Music ECG Charta mathematical painting-mapping the  Ragas of Indian classical music.
The X-Y axis graph has the 16 beats (teen taal) and the musical notes, on which I have transcribed my sitar notations.
Light at Horizon. One force seeking the depth, the other aspiring the height, the two meeting at the Horizon…experiencing the vastness of Being One
To Pondicherry, with Love.
Pondy is a state of mind- the dynamic energy and the calm serenity. This is work is inspired by the Map of Pondy, home away from home!

Request for art series and details