Thriving at the intersection of Art, Culture and Creativity.
Can Paper Perform?

Aiyana Gunjan is a self-taught artist who took up the calligraphy pen and explored it in its myriad manifestations. She has taken calligraphy to the level of fine art and created a body of work, which is deeply spiritual, secular and inward-looking.

Her works speak the language of a meditative silence and move along the contours of her personal space…captures the essence of Aiyana’s highly introspective work.

Dr Alka Pande
Indian academic and museum curator

The analysis that is reflected in your art is based on not just an artistic fervour but an in-depth view of cognitive processes, I must say.

You have been trying to catch the waves, thought processes as well as sharing on common norms and values, imbibed inside, that is culture. Your depiction is on socio-cultural, indeed, and it doesn’t or it can’t exclude or neglect the human interaction.

MEDHA patkar
indian social activist

Moving Finger Solo Show 2015
I follow where my heart takes me
Hebrew inspired calligraphy strokes.2020