The Moving Finger

The Moving Finger Solo Show.Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2015

I paint, not to decorate wallsbut to break the walls within.

I love the dynamic beauty, the statement of the Calligraphy Stroke. There is so much in just one stroke. That made me challenge the traditional boundaries of calligraphy. I took the stroke, out of the box of letters, into the universal language of fine arts. My oblique-cut nib calligraphy pen is my brush. Stroke by stroke, I paint, in search of perspective and momentum.

Aiyana Gunjan’s art is the expression of her desire to discover her own self. In the process of creativity she follows her own heart.  She has incorporated all other parallel disciplines she has been practising along with her art. Her interest in music, calligraphy, design, prose and poetry has enriched her and is reflected in her art.


My art is a meditative practice of always moving forward, stroke by stroke, from this moment on. Each stroke begins life anew- full of new possibilities, vibrancy and energy. My art & life takes inspiration from th spirit of Hon-nim-myo’ meaning ‘from this moment forth‘.

Aiyana Gunjan is the rare artist, aesthete and scholar who beautifully combines analytics with artistry and logic with eloquence. Her artworks signify a profound distillation of esoteric meanings and lived life experiences — they are no mere markings on paper or cloth but speak of rhythms and cadences that are as ancient as time itself, as precious as life itself


We are all work in progress. To be alive means to evolve.

Paper painting or performing paper?
An experiment with multiple layering – paper painting, folding to add 3D dimension and then transforming into a dance movement as a video art. 2020