Ground reality

Come corona and we all were brought down to our knees, and sent straight back Home. Wherever, however, whatever- the entire human race went back to being a Caveman. Shelter in place, family together, hunting n gathering the essentials…protecting boundaries…fighting corona, the enemy.  Come corona,  Wherever you are.  You are home,  No questions asked youContinue reading “Ground reality”

(s)Paced Out

Come corona and the pace of the 24×7 day suddenly changed……like a racing car turned into a bullock cart! WFM ( work from/for home) minus the ‘maids-of india….corona, unwittingly, kickstarted the new skill-building program. DIY, youtube self-taught, it is! Some zoomed in working hard ( or hardly, who knows), and others zoomed out of work.Continue reading “(s)Paced Out”

Here and Now

Covid-Time Bytes: While clearing the clutter on my mobile, I chanced upon this video clip of Nov 2019 – a discussion on Time, at Gallery Threshold Art​, during the ‘Painted Almanac’ Show. Interesting to see myself commenting on the Power of Now…Ichinen Sanzen – past, present future, all existing in one single moment…the mind monkeyingContinue reading “Here and Now”

Social (Indian) Distancing

Covid distancing bytes:  India is a country (in)famous for its crowds and crowd-lines. We may not be shaking hands or pecking on cheeks, but we Indians love to stick close to each other, literally on top of each other! People distancing is alien to us… And then Corona happened…literally pulling us apart…straightening us…spacing us out,Continue reading “Social (Indian) Distancing”