To be alive is to evolve.

Perfectly Imperfect or Imperfectly Perfect? This Paper ‘Performance’ is inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘Wabi Sabi’. “It’s our imperfection that make us unique, and our uniqueness that makes each of us beautiful. A knowing that we are just fine-Just As We Are” It’s amazing how enfolding ONE sheet of paper, no cut-copy-paste, can createContinue reading “To be alive is to evolve.”

Paper painting or performing art?

The art of enfolding paper feels more like a ‘performing’ art! Just like playing an instrument, the experience lies in the continuity of live-movement, not an end product. It’s about the moment- in creating and experience ! A new perspective, a new experience around non-performing art! Yet another ‘performance’ by the same paper painted, inContinue reading “Paper painting or performing art?”

Art lies in crumpling

Crumpled paper ends in a dustbin. That’s what one did till I discovered art of crumpling. Unlike the fixed folds in tessellation, crumpling gives flexibility and freedom to create organic lines and form. Free-willy. Its fascinating to work with this ‘mouldable’ paper- just like clay. Here my sculpted paper sitting on my ceramic pen stand.Continue reading “Art lies in crumpling”


Life is never flat nor straight. The drama plays out in the folds and creases of emotions- sometimes constricting, sometimes expanding, sometimes falling, sometimes risings, sometimes in order, sometimes all crumbled up. And in that lies the beauty and naturalness of life. It made me reflect. Why should my paper be flat? It was interestingContinue reading “Folding-en-Folding”

Wasli: the 10th century living tradition

No screen can beat the touch and feel of paper. I am all ready to rock and roll with my new roll of Wasli Paper. There is something so special about it this humble sheet of paper. Wasli is a natural hand-made paper, made in layers. Unlike the rough textured handmade papers, my calligraphy penContinue reading “Wasli: the 10th century living tradition”

Handwriting a passé?

In today’s tech savvy world, everything can be created-re-created on the Mac machine. Nothing is impossible. I was intrigued when my artist friend gushed over Pro-create App. She updated me on this magic creative tool – every effect of painting medium can be brought alive with digital pen and screen. Imagine painting with watercolours withoutContinue reading “Handwriting a passé?”

TGIH: Thank God I’m Home

The Year 2020 has created the biggest cultural disruption at the Home front. Suddenly the house got transformed in form and functionality. Never before have we spent so many waking and sleeping hours at home. All these years we took the home for granted. We fulfilled our dream of bigger-better-beautiful homes but hardly had theContinue reading “TGIH: Thank God I’m Home”